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Founded on August 8, 2015

Japanese Society of Cardiovascular 3D-modeling for medical 3D print



J3D activities


Toward the tailor-made diagnosis and treatment in cardiovascular imaging

Optimization of scan technology

In medicine, medical diagnostic imaging apparatus (CT, MRI) is a scanner, 3D printer is an output device such as common printer for reporting. Considering the target 3D model and features of the 3D printer in advance, we are working on the optimization of scan technology, such as modality, contrast administration, scan mode and parameters for the moving heart and vessels.

3D model for diagnosis

 We are carefully considering 3D model to help clinical diagnosis of individual heart and vessel disease in the point of view from cardiology, cardiac surgery, and radiology.

3D models for education


J3D education program committee are preparing the effective hands-on seminar using 3D model of cardiovascular disease from 3D-model library.

Systematic learning and effective practice will be obtained from the organized program in the seminar soon.

Improvement of clinical modeling technology

 In the business field, you can see a lot of molding products. However, in medicine,  the present main work focuses to the extraction of a region of interest from the image. In contrast to other organs, the extraction of cardiovascular system requires the higher precision and accuracy for optimal surface modeling of individual organs and disease. With strong collaboration with the experts for cardiovascular medicine and 3D printing, we are working on modeling technology improvement.

3D model for treatment

 If 3D model provides comprehensive clinical information about morphology and/or function of the disease, all the medical staffs can discuss about the treatment (therapeutic) strategy using 3D model as same as medical records and conventional diagnostic imaging, these may be an aid in the decision-making and interventional procedures. After treatment, they may be able to validate the effect of treatment using 3D model. We are engaged to the investigation for the potential of 3D model from clinical samples

Improvement of cardiovascular 3D printing technology

 With the advent of 3D printer, the full-size modeling and printing are possible. In cardiovascular medicine, appropriate material selection and color assignment according to the purpose, visibility, and opacity are more important, as well as  phase selection of cardiac cycle. We are working on the improvement of output technology by individual case and diseases.

3D model for the informed consent


Because of complex structures, explanation and understanding of the disease and treatment are more difficult for patients and their family, especially regarding congenital heart disease in children and adult.

 We are working on 3D model of the effective cut-plane, landmark, color assignment, and materials for informed consent.

Link sites

We introduce useful website in order to achieve our society objectives (goal or aims).

Academic activities
 We evaluate the possibility and feasibility of clinical application of cardiovascular 3D model from wide spectrum, and present the results in the J3D seminar and other domestic and international meetings.
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