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Asian Society of Cardiovascular Imaging(CVIA)にレビューが掲載されました

これまでのJ3Dセミナーで制作・紹介した数々の3Dモデルが掲載された倉田先生のレビューがAsian Society of Cardiovascular Imaging(CVIA)に掲載されました。是非ご覧ください


The authors appreciate the Japanese Society of Cardiovascular 3D-modeling in the medical 3D print (J3D) for their technical support. The authors want to thank Takafumi Masai (Sakurabashi Watanabe hospital), Kenji Fujii (Sakurabashi Watanabe hospital), Hiroshi Ito (Okayama University Graduate School of Medicine), Teruhito Mochizuki (Ehime University Graduate School of Medicine), and Masao Yoshitatsu (Kansai Rosai Hospital) for their invaluable review of this manuscript, and L & L Co. Ltd., PHILIPS Healthcare, AZE Co Ltd., Siemens Healthcare, Photron M&E Solutions Inc., and Bayer Yakuhin for their invaluable support.

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